“The Direct Way to Good Business”

EXPOTRADE –International Conferences and Exhibitions- is an international net of companies that specialized in providing targeted marketing services to businesses. Our company’s main activity and area of expertise is the organization of industry tradeshows and conferences. We have now expanded our scope and we are outsourcing our services as operative partners or services providers, as well as addressing marketing needs of our customers.

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With headquarters in Buenos Aires, sales representatives in the United States and European Union, EXPOTRADE has established itself in the Latin American market as organizer of professional trade shows of a great variety of industries.

Since our founding in 1993, our trade shows have gathered manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, dealers, and consumers that have profited from the dynamics of a business environment. Our tradeshows are the meeting place of supply and demand, acting as platforms for the presentation of new technology, for the establishment of new business contacts, and the launch of new lines of products. The conferences and business activities carried during the show allow the marketplace to get familiar with new market trends. Presently, the trade shows are a part of a wide range of services of comprehensive marketing actions.

Our Philosophy

The company, and the team behind it, is dedicated to one objective: to help our clients increase their sales. To reach this goal, we offer a variety of marketing actions, that will redound in “AN ONGOING MARKET EXPOSURE”. We are continuously seeking and developing new alternatives, to offer our customers solutions that will aid them in the expansion of their companies and their industries.

Client Satisfaction

Our premise is to offer “Value for Money”. Companies can fulfill their commercial objectives by exhibiting in a trade show, or by using our segmented data base, or by advertising in the show’s website. We strive to aid our client in achieving a higher Return on Investment.

Our Know-How

Our company’s know how is the capacity to carefully assess market niches and the business potential of the surveyed sectors, the prompt launch of the product, an effective sales scheme, and a well structured press and advertising campaign to summon qualified attendees to the shows. Besides, sound management and careful planning have allowed us to be flexible at changing times.

Industries y Contacts

The Industries of Our Trade Shows

Our Showrooms identify whether for their expertise.
Our exhibitions are highly specialized and gather industries like:

Road cargo and passenger transportation industry
Foreign trade
Visual communication, screen printing and printing/graphic technology
Technology for digital photography
Cleaning, security and industrial protection
Technology and applications of smart cards
Logistics and material handling
Automatic identification and data capture solutions
Retail and supermarket equipment

Food and beverage technology
Solutions for e-commerce
Office equipment
Design and equipment of commercial stores
Telecommunications and management.
Technological solutions for companies

Our Contacts

We have established CONTACT with those companies that are the pivot of supply and demand, with precise information about the company activity and consumption profile, the purchasing power of the contact person that visited the tradeshow, their geography of operation, and the size of the company.

Our Structure and Logistics Capacity

Since 1993, EXPOTRADE has coordinated the commercialization, promotion, build up, execution, and dismantling of over 80 professional exhibitions. The company has capacity for wide action, supported by its several departments.

The Sales Department is trained and has ample expertise in the idiosyncrasy of professional exhibitions. Sales persons are devoted to the integral coordination of the show; they are Project Leaders who develop a one-to-one relationship with exhibitors, that is nurtured from one edition to the other.

The Operations Department is our operative and logistics engine. Its efficiency is reflected by the successful technical direction of shows taking place simultaneously at different venues, meeting the needs of all the exhibiting companies, controlling the build up and construction of the booths, and complying with special requirements. This department also centralizes the work of contractors at the venue.

The Visitor Services Department has its focus on the location of the public purpose of each event, identification and means of contact, seeking to establish their needs in defining the content to display on each product, capturing their attention. Define academic themes of each event, their parallel and complementary activities, as well as coordinating with database systems visitors.

The IT Department develops and co-ordinates the application of information technology and the logistics of the admission areas. We have developed our own Admission’s Systems, Website and Data Base Management System. Likewise, this sector attends to the needs of the Sales Department, with the administration of a data base with more than 200,000 records.

Our Marketing, Graphic Design and Communication Department develops press campaigns, interacts with embassies and commercial chambers, attends Press Rooms and Institutional Communication booths at the shows, creates and produces advertising campaigns, as well as material for promotional and institutional use, in addition to generating content for the web sites.

The Press Department has mounted a professional team specializing in the target sectors of the company. It produces the contents of the different media, maintains the relationship with peers in each sector, regularly publishes press releases, attends press on each event and carries out press functions to other institutions linked to the activity of the exhibits.

The Administrative Department supports the Sales and Operations Departments in pursuit of collections and payments to suppliers, forming an annual plan of economic and financial development.

So, EXPOTRADE has extensive capacity for action to their own needs and those of its clients.